Can Snoring Ruin A Relationship?

Approximately half of men who snore also suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). Snoring and sleep apnea are both connected to serious medical ailments, such as weight gain, hypertension, fatigue, as well as a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. These health problems can all significantly affect your daily life, as well as your relationships, suppressing various normal sexual functions, such as libido, erection, and ejaculation.

Snoring can cause a vicious cycle in relationships.

Serious health ailments are linked to snoring and sleep apnea. Medical complications which can arise include hypertension, fatigue and an increased risk of heart attack and stroke which, in turn, can suppress sexual desire. Medications that are used to treat these disorders may also affect sexual function and will eventually require more medication, creating a vicious cycle.

Snoring can easily be treated by a certified sleep physician who can offer a dental device which opens the airways and stops snoring immediately. When you begin breathing more easily at night, most of the symptoms associated with snoring, such as erectile dysfunction, will begin to go away.

Salvaging your sleep and getting the rest you and your partner deserve can help you regain your sex life.

What if your partner keeps you awake with snoring?

Perhaps you and your spouse sleep in separate bedrooms and nag each other about frustrating snoring problems. About 80 percent of couples have one partner who regularly snores, according to a recent survey. Almost 90 percent said their relationships and sex lives would improve if the snoring stopped.

Statistically, women complain about men snoring more often, because men are 2.5 times more likely to snore than women. The physical differences of the nasal canals of men and women are to blame for this disparity.

Snoring can affect your sex life in a variety of ways. If one partner is frequently sleep deprived and exhausted, interest in sex may decline.

Furthermore, sleeping in separate bedrooms can lead to less intimacy and higher levels of tension in the relationship.

Snoring occurs because of a blockage in the upper respiratory airway from the soft tissues of the back of the throat, leading to oxygen deprivation affecting the circulatory system. When the circulatory system does not get adequate oxygen, it cannot support sexual arousal or activity. If the body is deprived of oxygen, aspects of life which are unnecessary to survival are shut off, such as the reproductive system.

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