Preparing For an Overnight Sleep Study

About one third of Americans suffer from sleep disorders with many individuals unaware of their sleep problems or the health issues associated with those problems. Preparing for your overnight sleep study is extremely important in helping to ensure that your study receives the most accurate results and best treatment options.

How Can I Go About Preparing For An Overnight Sleep Study?

The first step to preparing for your overnight sleep study is to avoid caffeine and alcohol. You should also avoid all napping the day before your study and remember that as you will be sleeping in a new place, you will need comfortable clothes. You should also bring along a comfortable pillow to make falling asleep easier for you.

You should also eat a good meal prior to your overnight sleep study so that you can rest and If you have a tendency to snack at night, bring a small snack with you. If you normally take any medications prior to going to bed or after you wake, you should also bring those medications with you.

While you should shower well and wash your hair prior to your sleep study, make sure that you do not wear any perfumes or fragrant lotions which may make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

What Should I Expect During My Sleep Study?

Your overnight sleep study will be monitored by one of our therapists utilizing state of the art equipment in a special lab designed for your comfort. After arriving at our Los Angeles sleep study Center, one of our lab technicians will brief you about the entire sleep study process as well as discuss any sleep difficulties you have recently had.

After the preliminaries are out of the way, you will be given time to change your clothes and get ready for bed. Electrodes will then be applied to your body by the technician and this entire process will only take a few minutes. Finally you can watch television set or read a magazine to relax you and help prepare you for sleep. p>

What Does the Sleep Study Entail?

An important part of preparing for your overnight sleep study is understanding what is going on. The basic aim of a sleep study session is to determine the cause of your sleep disorders by find out what specifically happens to your body when you try to fall asleep.

By attaching the EKG type electrodes to your body, we will be able to monitor your brain waves as you sleep. During the sleep study, we will also monitor your muscle movements, heart rate, breathing and snoring. You may also have a small sensor may be attached to your finger so that the technician can monitor the oxygen levels in your blood.

What to Expect After Your Sleep Study Test?

The results of your sleep study are very important in determining your overall sleep profile and preparing a successful treatment plan. Your sleep specialist will go through the technician’s report and discuss the results with you at length. During this discussion you will be able to get an idea of the exact nature of your sleep disorder and discuss all possible treatment options available to you.

Preparing for a sleep study? Learn more by calling The Sleep Study Institute in Los Angeles at 1-855-690-0563 and one of our representatives will be happy to provide any information you may need.