Sleep Study Cost

What are the costs of a sleep study procedure?

The costs associated with your sleep study, or polysomnogram are dependent on the diagnosis of the physician after the consultation. To find out more about the initial cost of an overnight sleep study, please fill out our confidential, FREE Insurance Verification Form.

What Insurances are accepted at the Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute?

Our Sleep Study Institute accepts Medicare, and All PPO plans. Check with your health insurance provider if the Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute is in your provider network for coverage.

Will My Health Insurance Pay for a Sleep Study?

Most insurers pay for sleep studies, if they are medically necessary. To ensure that your study is medically necessary, patients should first undergo a comprehensive consultation. On the basis of this consultation, a preliminary diagnosis is made. This diagnosis is submitted to your insurance company and a pre-authorization is obtained.

If your physician directly refers you for a sleep study without the benefit of a center consultation, you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire. The medical director will review this and if the questionnaire supports the medical necessity, a pre-authorization will then be obtained from your insurer.

To find out if your insurance company provides coverage for sleep disorder treatment, please call our Sleep Study Insurance Hotline at 1-855-690-0563 or fill out our Sleep Study Insurance Verification Form.