Our Facilities At The LA Sleep Study Institute

The Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute is accredited by the Joint Commission under Mount Sinai Surgery Center and follows the standards set by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Our sleep study center has eight beds and each room maintains a comfortable, hotel-like atmosphere, including bathrooms. Each of our rooms is complete with TV and WiFi access throughout your stay. For your comfort, you are permitted to bring your own pillows or blankets.

During the sleep study, our technicians use state of the art equipment. We at the Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute use the Alice system that incorporates all of the needed capabilities to satisfy professional sleep testing standards. The device has 31 channels and runs on the reliable Sleepware software program that is designed to monitor, display, process and download polysomnographic data. The main features include:

  • A high quality ECG, or electrodiogram, with six channels and PTT, or pulse transit time. The electrodiogram is a tool meant for the thorough diagnosis of the heart’s activity.
  • Real-time impedance display
  • A fully integrated sleep lab system maintained over the network cable
  • Patient to Technician communication is managed over the network cable
  • Expanded channel capability to a total of 55 different channels

The Medical Director of the sleep center is a physician Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in Sleep Medicine. Other staff physicians have specialties ranging from otolaryngology (medical specialty involving the ear, nose and throat) to pulmonology (medical specialty involving the lungs), internal medicine and general surgery. Our technicians include a Registered Polysomnographer Technologist.

To learn more about sleep disorders or to visit our facilities, please call The Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute at 1-855-690-0563 to schedule an appointment.